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picturesss [18 Mar 2007|11:34pm]

heeeere they comeCollapse )

I am so bored.
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[16 Mar 2007|02:14pm]
fuck fuck fuck-a-duck, it's been a wacky hectic week. I haven't updated in a million years. I'm going home tomorrow, pretty looking forward to it but it's so beautiful and sunny and we're about to go lunch in the village and sit in the common and I don't want to leave my friends just yet. Haven't had a chance to relax yettt! All this UCAS and statements of intent and final major projects and utter bureaucracy is somewhat devastating. I'm going to the park with ice cream to forget it all.

I got a place at Central St Martins but I really want a place at Central School of Speech and Drama. I had my interview yesterday...about 28475658393 applicants for 8 places or so, ouch. Lots and lots of pictures and stories yet to come. For now I can begin thinking about the summer...! And where I will get all that filthy-smelling money from.

I'm going to Tuscanyyyy
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[04 Feb 2007|08:41pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

I went to a fantastic party on Friday night. Lola was throwing a party to celebrate Gabs' birthday and also their recent return from Russia. She had been there for about 4 months and he went to visit. It was an abnormarly warm few months apparently, what the locals called a Brazilian winter. Anyway, the theme was 'Sainte Russie' and me being me, I was all set to doll myself up like a proper modern-day Russian whore. But after a quick word with Gabs I soon realised I would need to opt for something more traditional and altogether more tasteful. Basically pulled out the old Bal du Bac outfit - I was more than happy to wear it as I thought I might never again! Just swapped the ostrich feather headband to the good old fox fur hat. Oh, and the best dressed got a prize, guess who won?

banging!Collapse )

It was really good to see Gabs and have (literally) a taste of Russia. Plus tacky CCCP cigarettes were available in bulk.

Last night went out to dinner with Betty and Elena to celebrate Betty's birthday. Delicious Moroccan food with free bubbly and flattering waiters...followed by cocktails!

All in all my shortest stay in Brussels so far but not without its entertainment and usual good food. I've even enjoyed writing my essay although am becoming increasingly exasperated over my damned porfolio..

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[03 Feb 2007|05:33pm]
Greetings, I'm back in Belgium as I'm sure you've guessed (cause it's the only time I get to update with photos).

Return from Christmas break a bit ropey, I got a nasty cold and had the pleasure of confronting healthcare in the UK...mmmm, it's quite something, a notch above primitive I would say. Take this pill 3 times a day and get the hell out of my sight. Yes Doctor ShryrnwldkjDkdJvab. I apologise if I offend anyone. But the second I got off the Eurostar here I was taken to a doctor (y'know, a proper one like) who expressed genuine concern for the state of my throat, something the English doctors somehow failed to diagnose. I had to have the whole camera up the nose and down the throat thing AND a bloodtest. For anyone who knows me well enough, I actually have blood test-o-phobia although this was the best one so far - no fainting, just a slight dizziness, yippee! So I'm actually making it a habit to return to this country in order to look after myself.

So I was sick off college for a while and then plunged myself into a few incredibly intense work weeks. I'm quite relieved they're over and we're now focussing on the Threepenny Opera. However, I did have time for a few fantastic days out - lovely dinner and slumber party at Liz's, a fabulous weekend in Brighton where I caught up with Freddie, Helene and Meejay, and some pretty awesome partying in London.

see for yourselfCollapse )

and this is me at buttoned down disco in Kentish Town last week, >>look<<
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monsterrrrsss have fingers [12 Jan 2007|12:03pm]
Back at college, making my prop,it's going quite badly which is why I'm sat here uploading photos! Technology is great.

End of holidays was awesome, heavy partying what with my birthday and that.

lots of actionCollapse )

I got ill as soon as I came back. Some sort of withdrawal symptom I spose....
And now I have too much work. STOP.
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[04 Jan 2007|12:23am]
I am fucking nineteen.

In other news, I've been a dirty little stop-outCollapse )

Really a good night, very very drunken as was expected. Sylv's was trashed but it was great what with the band and then people taking it in turns to deeeejay.
Perrine and I cycled home at 6am.

Other than that, Brussels has been great. Too much sleep and food, too little work, too much going out. Well, it's my birthday and I will party harder than ever. After all I go back on Saturday and I have nothing to show for it.
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back in BXL pour la deuxieme fois [20 Dec 2006|02:52pm]
Hello all, I am back in my home teritory

I will tell you all in imagesCollapse )

Last week at college was a doddle - workshops and museum trips etc but no one was really getting stuck in. I did however get my face cast.

Being back in Brussels has been good although I've only been back a day and a half or so and done very little so far. I did see Perrine, Chaz, Gabs, Merel etc which was so good (catching up) and then a bigger bunch of people last night at the Old Oak. More to come I expect but right now I just want to relax and at the same time crack on with some work which I've been doing very little of.
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[18 Sep 2006|10:40pm]
K, so I haven't been on El-Jay for a week and it's already changed.
I'm writing from Camille's sexy black MacBook from the comfort of her delightul bedroom. Allow me to elaborate, Camille is an absolutely adorable Belgian girl who's on my course at Wimbledon. I actually met her once before at a Belgian party (through Perrine) and to my great surprise we were going to the same college so we befriended each other from day 1 and she cordially invited me to stay with her at halls.
So I'm at Furzedown Halls of Residence in Tooting which is rough and it's sort of miles away from everywhere, but Camille has an empty flat to herself with a gorgeous view and delicious food and fun neighbours so it's been a great laugh really. The internet in the room is another major plus of course.
The other week I had to travel to fucking Thornton Heath/West Croydon to sign contracts for my new flat which I should be moving into at the end of the week. I'm moving in with a girl and a guy on my course and we're looking for one ore person.
Last week we completed our drawing course successfully and so today we officially had our first day of college. It's an introductory week in which we get to explore the 6 fields (Visial Communication, Fine Art Painting, Fine Art Sculpture, Fashion & Textiles, 3D Design and Theatre Design). At the end of the week we need to choose 4 out of the 6 to continue with for a few weeks (I'm thinking of dropping 3D and fashion). And still meeting loads of new people so all's cool.

The weekend was most entertaining, I stayed at Freddie's once again. On Saturday I went up to Camden with a new mate from college/halls and then back down to Trafalgar Square to meet friends for the Scissor Sisters gig that was going on. You needed a ticket but we managed to sneak in quite easily so we were dancing away by the fountains to SS. However, before long, we were all actually in the fountains themselves, splashing around drunkenly: And PLOP went my English phone so that died pretty quickly. Luckily I'm on 02 now rather than fucking 3. Leave a comment if you want my new number.

God, I feel really shite updating livejournal with no pictures! Obviously I can't upload anything anything so you'll just have to do with this. I'm living like a bit of a hobo really, washed my clothes for the first time last night - wickeeed! I can't wait for mum n dad to come up with the rest of my clothes and my shoes and my bags and my CDs and I'm so goddamn materialistic. You learn to live from scratch.

Anyway, by the end of this week it'll back to dodgy internet cafes for me, so comment! And checl myspace comme toujours as I guess I'll be using that more now (www.myspace.com/afallingtsar) Toodles!
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college [08 Sep 2006|10:16am]
Just a quick entry to let you know that I haven't abandonned my darling El-Jay. Things are going alright here in London, quite hectic but c'est la vie...sharing a place with Freddie has been cool, we've been keeping each other well entertained with tabloids and cheap vodka. I'm just getting a feel of the place but I need to be out by Sunday - that's it, finito! I haven't quite found a place to live in Wimbledon yet, but slowly getting there (I hope). Might crash halls with a new friend next week, we shall see.

College itself has been very challenging and intense...generally incredibly tiring! It's been non-stop drawing from 10am to 5pm so far. But we enrol officially next week so things will probably inprove and I'll fianlly be able to get my student card (for discounts) and Oyster card so I can look cool like everybody else.

Missing everyone and everything back home...England doesn't quite do it for me but hey, I knew that would be the case, at least college is chill (and I hope I'm getting my money's worth!)

Big hugs to all,

Tashi xx

PS. If anyone is around and want to chillax it away with Freds and myself, drop us an email...
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[17 Aug 2006|12:20pm]
Off to Pukkelpop right now

Big photo update in a few days

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[30 Jul 2006|07:35pm]
The last few days have been good. I had a morning trial shift for the job on Friday which went well despite the fact that I had to wake up very early and spend a lot of time in a very hot kitchen..The work seems good though, I had an evening shift last night which was also fine, slightly different to the morning one, and I actually did some till work here. And the great thing is that most of our customers are foreigners so I was speaking English and attempting Spanish.

On Friday night Noam and I went to see anitalixel play at the Bains de Bruxelles, an event on the canal which I had never previously heard of. It was lovely though, with a recreation of the beach in Brussels for those who can't actually afford to go to Knokke every fortnight. We had some particularly delicious north-african drinks (fresh mint and ginger tea is godly). Anita played fantastically, we really enjoyed ourselves, and as always she looked stunning - I want your wardrobe damnit!

take a lookCollapse )

Today I supposedly had nothing planned but I ended up spending the day with Gabs which was so lovely because I hadn't seen him for ages. He dropped round for a late breakfast and then took my down to Flagey to play that game I don't know the name of...the one old folk play where you throw large metal balls on the ground in attempt to reach a smaller ball. Anyway it turned out to be great fun. Then we went to see a film called Grizzly Man at the Styx cinema which is absolutely fantastic. The film was fascinating too.
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MANY [13 May 2006|04:22pm]
Okay, update number two, dedicated to the Furnaces! I went to see them on Thursday night and there fun-fucking-tastic! Best gig I've been to since The Chap.

hereCollapse )

Afterwards, Gabs and I had a chat with Eleanor. She actually came up to me saying I looked familiar. I told her we met after the Franz gig in Leuven. However we thankfully avoided that whole subject and talked about other stuff. Incredibly, the band were staying two more nights in Brussels! So they wanted to know where the best places to go were. She dug out a map and Gabs and I sat there racking out brains and organising a lovely route for them. Oh I forgot to mention, they sound completely different live - all guitars and drums. Matt was playing really loudly. It was still brilliant though.
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[17 Feb 2006|09:46pm]
bored=surveyCollapse )
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[19 Jan 2006|06:15pm]
90s child funplayCollapse )
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[29 Dec 2005|11:31pm]
What do I want for my birthday?
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[11 Dec 2005|08:39pm]
Someone come with me to Statik damnit.
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[06 Sep 2005|11:11am]
School started again today, hopefully for the last time ever.
Every new school year seems more and more overwhelming and exasperating. Got more or less the same timetable as last year (ie, the same pathetic frees and killer Thursdays). Tomorrow is a very easy day.
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[02 Aug 2005|09:44pm]
pretentious surveyCollapse )
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[01 Jun 2005|08:22pm]
I met the most irritating patronising arrogant and obonoxious doctor today. I'm surprised I didn't 'bitch slap him from one end of the room to the other' but then again the room was tiny. So I stand crooked, who doesn't? But because of my back problem, I will probably make a bit of a disappearance online. I'm looking forward to it - there's a lot out there (or so they say) and, I don't mean to offend anyone, livejournal is getting increasingly boring and has done for some time. I will be online to check emails, chat briefly and occasionaly update with photos.

I spent most of this afternoon reading Marx and listening to Bloc Party which re-enforces my views on socialism and my opinion that the first half of Silent Alarm is so much better than the rest (that is, the first 5 songs) plus Price of Gas and Luno.

I so desperately want to see The League of Gentlement: Apocalypse because those northeners are my heroes and EVERYBODY LOVES JEREMY DYSON.
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BY THE WAY [21 May 2005|12:34pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Nick you copy cat!
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